Feel the fear and do it anyway!

Dedicating the bulk of my life to the disciplines of classical ballet firstly as a student, then a professional ballet dancer and finally a ballet teacher and examiner (prior to becoming a home business entrepreneur) I have been challenged both physically and mentally over the past few years to find suitable exercise that I could embrace with enthusiasm and at the same time avoid causing further injuries other than what I have already sustained as a result of my ballet career. Finally I “discovered” yoga – Barkan and Vinyasa methods and I’m absolutely loving it, attending 4 classes a week and planning to build on that further. But what a fascinating time I am having observing both my ego and my fears!

Each week as I have gained a little more strength and a little more courage I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone further and further but to my surprise I discovered that I had become so fearful of hurting myself. I was afraid to bend and stretch as I had once done as a dancer not so much because I had lost flexibility or the fact that it really caused me pain but rather that I had lost confidence and created the belief that I could only do certain things with my body now that I was so much older. My fear of FAILING and my fear of FALLING were the “stoppers”.

When I was a young dancer I practiced the same steps over and over and over again, making mistakes, failing and certainly falling (breaking an ankle on one occasion and dislocating a knee on another amongst other things) but never the less continuing the practice, often despite the pain and never giving in or giving up until I had perfected the step and achieved the goal.

This same discipline, commitment and perseverance has come naturally to me in building my home business however when I look at the fear and doubt I have experienced in my recent yoga practice I can see the parallels to many a new entrepreneurs’ journey as they struggle to embrace the learning curve, forget what they believe to be true about themselves and appreciate and accept the need for trial and error to ultimately attain the goal.

I constantly need to remind myself in yoga practice to feel the fear and do it anyway knowing that if I do not allow myself to make mistakes I cannot learn and therefore extend and grow beyond where I am right now. By allowing myself to extend a pose just a little further I know I might easily loose balance but I also know that by doing so I can eventually learn to control that by maintaining focus and strengthening my muscles. This is exactly the same approach I have utilized in creating success in my business – maintaining focus by working on my mindset, consulting my future self to stay true to my goals and building strength in doing the necessary work day in and day out…..UNTIL.

By allowing ourselves to step out of our comfort zone and try new things we must also give ourselves permission to make mistakes as often as we need to make them until we have learned the lessons. In ballet, business, yoga and life; when I leave my ego at the door and just apply myself to the task at hand, and if necessary repeat it over and over and over again until I get it right – I always achieve the goal.

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